About us

"Our goal is, to integrate art into people's everyday lives"

Art is often associated with being expensive and elitist, yet it should be accessible to all. By adding art to everyday products, we close this gap. Art is often limited to paintings and sculptures. But it can be everywhere and we will show that. So we also make our name the program: art on fabric!

We have our Clothing produced locally and exclusively with sustainable fabrics. The cotton and other materials can be traced back to the producer.
We want to counteract the fast-paced consumer society and therefore deliberately collect the orders before we place them once a month. Afterwards it takes up to three weeks before the products arrive at the end customer. Each item is specially made and is not lying around in a warehouse ready to be produced. Thus, we hope to reduce impulse purchases, which are usually returned. We are happy to offer advice on which size fits best. This way, nothing has to be ordered in different sizes; only what is needed is produced. 

Our founders

Mike and Philipp are not only business partners, but also best friends.

Philipp, 28

Mike, 28

Philipp, 28

Mike, 28

Our art expert

As a gallery owner and lawyer, Carola Müller is our perfect strategic interface between business enterprises and the art scene.  

 She manages the online gallery Artmea.

Kunstexpertin CAMUE